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This position is essential in a company with a portfolio of subsidiaries in different countries. The urgency of a situation sometimes involves calling in an Interim Manager who can immediately replace a Controller who is temporarily or permanently absent, or lead a specific project associated with this responsibility, such as a takeover, merger or the closing of an entity.

The needs of an international company

If you have factories, stores or offices abroad that charge directly or indirectly for their services, you certainly want to have a clear and compact overview of your entire business. However, it is often the case that these units benefit from a certain strategic independence that you need to contain in the area of Financial Management. To carry out this synthesis, you must rely on a Financial Manager who is specialized in international companies. This function is generally attached to the company’s Finance Department.

Find an Interim Financial Controller

If this position is vacant, either due to the absence of the Controller or because it needs to be created, you need to fill it quickly. However, urgency should not lead you to take the first candidate that comes along. By contacting an Interim Management firm, you will meet experts in international operating accounts who can restore order to your &. Interim Managers’ assignments last on average between 6 and 18 months depending on the nature of the project.

International Financial Controllers’ Responsibilities

The Financial Controller’s main missions are:

  • Reporting: collection of data from every entity located abroad. Preparation of the files to be completed, centralization, control and validation of the information. Consolidation of the results in each currency and conversion of the whole into a single currency in order to carry out a synthetic analysis.
  • Audits: scheduling of rotating audits in each international subsidiary. Balance analysis and balance justifications.
  • Interco management: ensure the intra-group settlement procedure by monitoring and validating all transactions carried out between companies belonging to the same group.
  • Budgets: establishment of subsidiaries’ budgetary procedures and regular updates based on results.
  • Statutory closings: availability and assistance to chartered accountants during the closing of subsidiaries’ annual accounts.

The skills of an international financial controller

The International Structures Management Controller usually holds a 5-year degree in Finance or Management Control. He/she keeps abreast of regulatory developments in all countries where a Group entity operates and is familiar with the IT tools and software specific to company management. Due to the cultural diversity of his or her interlocutors, this Finance professional must be able to perfectly communicate in English, both in writing and orally.

The advantages of Interim Management

Our Interim International Management Controllers have extensive experience in their field of expertise. They have acquired this valuable know-how by dealing with complex situations in a wide variety of environments. To meet the Interim Manager who will accomplish your mission, contact Reactive Executive. Your Interim Management firm will study your needs and select the most appropriate candidates to meet your expectations. We will introduce you to the right International Financial Controller within 2 days.


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