Interim Tax Manager M/F

The position of Interim Tax Manager is attracting growing interest from companies of all sizes. Because if there is one complex, shifting and threatening area for a company, it is taxation. Especially the French tax system. However, many companies still do not have a tax specialist in their organization chart. What risks are involved and what benefits does Interim Management offer?

The responsibilities of a Tax Manager

The head of the tax department must:

  • Manage the company’s best interests regarding taxes,
  • Ensure compliance with the provisions in force in all business units,
  • Analyze, propose and implement the company’s tax policy,
  • Participate in budget forecasting studies and accounting closings,
  • Defend the company’s interests during tax audits,
  • Be the official link between the tax authorities and the company,
  • Participate in VAT management,
  • Advise on the best options in case of mergers and acquisitions, setting up abroad or when working on the company’s image.

Often in the shadow of the Finance Department, the Tax Manager nevertheless occupies a crucial position and, as such, is associated with the management bodies.

A tax specialist’s skills

Education: In this field, companies are very demanding. The ideal Tax Manager holds a Master 2 in tax law or business law, which is ideally combined with the CAPA (Certificate of Aptitude for the Legal Profession). He or she may also be a graduate from a major business school and/or have a specialization in banking/finance.

Experience: It is especially important. It is rare to be offered this position with less than eight years of experience. Being a Tax Manager implies a perfect knowledge and mastery of accounting, financial and legal mechanisms.

Human qualities: Curious, meticulous and thorough, the Tax Director is always ready to check, cross-check and re-examine in order to advise the company as accurately as possible. Methodical and precise, he or she must keep a permanent watch on tax news and case law to avoid making mistakes. Because of the transversal nature of the job, he or she must be diplomatic, capable of anticipation and comfortable in both written and oral communication. The international environment in this sector requires an exceptionally good command of English. The practice of a second foreign language is very much appreciated.

The advantages of interim management

You no longer have a Tax Manager? Do you want to adopt tax optimization measures? Your finance department does not have the necessary skills to effectively manage some of your company’s projects? Is it having trouble implementing new regulations?

An Interim Tax Manager is the ideal solution to meet your needs. Quickly available, an experienced professional, who can quickly adapt to a new environment, an Interim Tax Manager is operative from day one. He or she will stay focused on the success of the mission until the end of his or her contract.

Interim Management is a fast-growing sector. It offers a customized and optimal response to companies faced with unexpected situations, which are sometimes brutal, and likely to hinder the smooth running of their business. External to the company, an Interim Tax Manager has the necessary hindsight to properly analyze the situation and provide you with the legal keys to properly grasp a case or resolve a dispute.


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