Interim Shared Services Center Manager M/F

Do you want to set up a Shared Services Center to gain efficiency, but you don’t have an SSC manager to manage the interim? Reactive Executive will introduce you to an Interim SSC Manager who will be able to adapt to your company’s culture and successfully complete your shared services center project.

Mission definition

All our Interim SSC Managers have understood the importance of good change management. To carry out this grouping of services efficiently and smoothly, they comply with the legal, financial and managerial standards required for this type of change.

They can take charge of the internal grouping of support services such as accounting, finance, human resources, etc.

The role of an Interim SSC Manager

Our Interim SSC Managers consider the impact of their decisions on employment to ensure forward-looking employment management. Working closely with the Chief Executive Officer of your company, the Interim SSC Manager will be the driving force behind the change management process to ensure the best possible conditions.

One of his or her roles is to be a decision aid. Whether in the choice of location, employee mobility, or other areas related to the creation of the SSC, our Interim SSC Managers are trained and experienced in change management.

They analyze upstream productivity gains while ensuring compliance with legal and social standards. Working closely with your HR and their department, our Interim SSC Managers will not neglect the human aspect. They will consider the imperatives and needs of employees who will be impacted by this change.

Our Interim SSC Managers can advise your leaders, as well as manage teams. They can lead, supervise and develop the SSC until it has reached its full potential.

To do so, they rely on their ability to act according to a short-, medium- and long-term vision and a macro and micro vision.

Required skills

Our Interim SSC Managers have all developed a great capacity for adaptation.

Experienced, they have worked with members of the steering committee. They are experienced in communicating and interacting with their peers and cooperating effectively with the people on their team.

Endowed with a good sense of analysis and synthesis, they also have excellent interpersonal skills. In addition to their proven managerial skills, our Interim SSC Managers have the necessary professionalism and initiative to allow for adaptation and follow best practices.


Our Interim SSC Managers will work with either an Interim CFO or your own. In both cases, a close collaboration will be established between them to better manage and enforce the implementation of the Shared Services Center.

The Interim HRD is another key partner. For this change to be accepted by all employees concerned, the Interim SSC Manager and the Interim HR Manager or your HR Manager will consult each other on a regular basis: the deployment of the SSC will thus be done in accordance with union, legal and managerial rules.

Leader ou manager : Quelles différences ?

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