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Are you looking for an experienced Interim Project Manager who can manage an entire project at short notice, while respecting the deadlines, costs and quality requirements of your specifications ? Reactive Executive, your Interim Management firm, brings you a reliable and fast solution thanks to the temporary intervention of a specialist within your company.

Key episodes in the life of a company

Do you need an Interim Project Manager to lead a strategic change in your company? Does this short-term mission require skills that your current team does not have? An Interim Manager is the ideal choice for this type of mission. Whether you are buying out a competitor, building a site, launching new products…, it is a good idea to entrust this matter to a competent and available specialist without offering a permanent contract.

The interim Project Manager’s duties

Although an interim Project Manager may only intervene for a few months, he or she can assume all the responsibilities from the design phase to project completion.

The Project Manager stays focused on specific objectives. He/she ensures in particular:

  • The analysis of the project as a whole and in detail
  • Project management by following the evolution of performance indicators
  • He/she ensures that deadlines, costs and quality criteria are met.
  • The active involvement of the teams for which he/she selects the new members.
  • Some consulting and assistance to the departments involved
  • The management of contracts, budgets and project-related reporting

The professional’s skills

A true leader, the Project Manager puts his/her experience to work for the company by promoting the best techniques among staff members. An orchestra conductor, he/she coordinates the team’s work. Ultra-versatile, with a flair for analysis and synthesis as well as unparalleled adaptability, he/she can deal with any unexpected events. An excellent communicator, he or she talks with the various stakeholders in an appropriate manner, especially in difficult situations. Usually bilingual, the Project Manager has a solid foundation in management as well as in the regulations that apply to his or her sector of activity.

The advantages of interim management

Do you quickly need an operational person who is an expert in his or her field, whether it be IT, distribution or any other sector? By its very nature, the position of Project Manager is well suited to the Interim Manager: in charge of a high-stakes mission requiring special skills, but with a limited implementation period, he or she provides his or her expertise, analytical capacity and organizational skills during the design and implementation of the project. The specific nature of this profession means that it does not appear in any organizational chart.

Reactive Executive is a specialized firm that offers quick solutions to deal with specific situations in the life of your company. Contact us to tell us your needs and we will present you with different profiles of Project Management specialists.


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