Interim Marketing Manager M/F

Integrating an Interim Marketing Manager into a company is a sensible choice when complex situations arise. The immediate availability of this executive and the contribution of his or her experience allow a company to succeed an ambitious project under the best conditions. Our Interim Marketing Managers will accompany you for a few months and effectively manage a sales development, communication optimization or department restructuring project.

Short-term critical situations

Does the absence of your CMO cause a management deficit and jeopardize the company’s economic performance? This permanent or long-term vacancy is often caused by an employee’s departure or health problems. Yet, no matter the reason, you must immediately find an experienced and reliable Marketing Manager who can take over the job. His/her mission is essential, but it will be temporary and will last several months.

The responsibilities of an Interim Marketing Manager

As a strategist, the Marketing Manager plays an essential role in your company, as he or she steers the global marketing activity. His/her mission is to define the brand image and design an action plan geared towards the development of offers that are likely to reach your target customers. He or she manages a department in charge of tasks that are as multiple and varied as:

  • Marketing studies
  • Marketing actions including promotion, communication, distribution and advertising
  • Supporting the sales team
  • The creation of a distribution network.

The professional’s skills

In addition to knowledge of Marketing tools and techniques, your Marketing Manager must have a strong background in Administration, Management and Law. As a fine analyst and rigorous creator, he or she must be comfortable with office and statistical software. Bilingual in English, often mastering a third language, he/she is very open-minded. He/she has a true sense of observation and an unparalleled ability to listen. Enjoying teamwork, he/she makes easy contact and is accustomed to collaborating with the different departments in the company.

The advantages of interim management

Without your Marketing Manager at your side, you need someone who is experienced and can pursue clearly established action plans, define a strategy, and immediately implement operational solutions. The intervention of an expert such as an Interim Marketing Manager has a high cost, but it is only temporary. This allows for a very competent manager to be available at a critical time. This allows you to maintain your activity during this key period in the life of your company. In addition, this Interim Executive is not looking for a career in your company, but rather to fulfill just one objective: to successfully carry out his or her mission.

Reactive Executive offers you innovative and useful solutions to develop your company. Do not hesitate to contact us to let us know your needs and we will select different CMOs with experience in Interim Marketing Management for you.


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