Interim Maintenance Manager M/F

We recommend that you meet with an Interim Maintenance Manager to carry out precise and short-term assignments. The absence of one of your executives or the lack of skills within your current team can weaken your company. Faced with a project that requires specific know-how, entrepreneurs are now looking to Reactive Executive for a custom solution.

Critical situations for your company

Do you run a production site, a logistics unit or a sales area with equipment that requires special maintenance? Are you planning to enlarge or change the organization of this space? Does mechanical and electrical equipment play a major role in your business? Therefore, the installation, maintenance and proper operation of the system must be entrusted to a highly trained expert. Yet, your Maintenance Manager is absent for personal or professional reasons.

The skills of a Maintenance Manager

In order not to impact your company’s productivity, you are looking for a Maintenance Manager who is immediately available, competent and able to adapt quickly to your company’s culture. He/she will have to: Set up an equipment maintenance schedule Supervise expansion work or a move to a new site Proceed with the repair or request the repair of a faulty machine Ensure the safety of users and repairers Keep a watchful eye on technical advances in the sector These temporary assignments are perfectly suited to an Interim Maintenance Manager. As a specialist in industrial maintenance, methods or quality assurance, he or she optimizes productivity as well as the lifespan of the equipment under his or her responsibility.

The qualities of our Interim Maintenance Managers

Because of the responsibilities they assume, Interim Maintenance Managers demonstrate a great capacity for analysis. They manage pressure very well, intervene quickly and work thoroughly. They control their budget and negotiate the cost of interventions from external companies. Natural leaders with strong technical skills, Interim Managers ensure that their teams are cohesive and effective.

The advantages of interim management

Interim Management is a recent and rapidly growing market. It offers a tailor-made solution to companies facing specific situations. The installation or renovation of a production site, the lack of specific know-how among the existing teams or the absence of these teams is a frequent occurrence in a company. The Interim Manager is an executive with outstanding training and experience. He/she can take on multiple challenges from the very start. Concerned about the company’s success, but not wishing to make a career in this company, he/she focuses entirely on the mission’s completion.

Reactive Executive is your Interim Management firm. We put you in contact with experts in maintenance and prevention to support your company’s strategy.


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