Interim Consolidation Manager M/F

As the head of a group composed of several companies, are you looking for an Interim Consolidation Manager? This involves fulfilling an essential mission by gathering and organizing the accounting results of this economic unit. The position of Consolidation Manager involves a wide range of responsibilities and skills, particularly in terms of compliance with legislation. Reactive Executive is the Interim Management firm that will provide you with this Chartered Accountant for the time you need to finalize this specific project.

What situations can an interim manager deal with?

The arrival of an Interim Manager within a company is a useful option when it is faced with a rare and sometimes original situation. In such a context, the existing teams do not have the necessary skills to solve the problem. This can be due to different events: The temporary or permanent absence of the person who usually occupies this position A transformation project including digital transformation, a company buyout or international development. A turnaround that results in a recovery, restructuring or site closure.

The Consolidation Manager’s responsibilities

To present a clear and fair result, the Consolidation Manager must:

  • Ensure that the data is reliable
  • Compile the results to provide a general and detailed view of the company.
  • Interpret these results to determine possible improvements and savings that can be achieved at the level of each company.
  • Manage a team of specialists to carry out these tasks

The Consolidation Manager’s qualities

It is a profession that requires diligence and perspicacity. It is important to have a macro-meso-micro view of the company’s environment to present coherent action plans. You must be a good communicator in order to have the figures for each subsidiary. It is common practice to include foreign-based companies in the consolidation of results. Speaking one or even two foreign languages is a great advantage in this profession. In terms of education, most Consolidation Managers have a university degree or a degree from a Grande Ecole. The Interim Consolidation Managers in our teams have generally completed a 5-year degree in an Accounting-Finance or engineering school. Their Master’s degree corresponds to Accounting and Financial Technical Sciences, Management Sciences, Political Sciences specializing in Management or Legal and Financial Sciences.

Fulfilling an interim Consolidation manager’s mission

Company takeovers and mergers have accelerated in recent decades. They are changing the world of Management and Finance and require more and more specialists to consolidate the results of large companies. Interim Consolidation Managers are therefore in increasing demand and jobs are easy to find in this sector. To benefit from the knowledge of an expert it is a good idea to hire a Consolidation Manager on a temporary basis. This allows you to control your costs and have an excellent view of the company’s activity.

To find the Interim Consolidation Manager you need, contact our consultants today. They will allow you to target the profile that is right for you and they will accompany you throughout the probation period.


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