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To succeed in its digital transformation, your company is considering recruiting a Chief Transformation Officer. Given the technological and human complexity of this position, you need the services of an expert. However, the bulk of his/her mission can be completed in just a few months. Therefore, hiring interim managers is a wise option. Reactive Executive allows for you to find the right Chief Transformation Officer for a short-term project.

Your company’s transformation

A company’s digital transformation is of paramount importance to its growth. New technologies are indeed increasingly used in work organization. Human resources, accounting, commerce and maintenance, all the company’s departments use both common and specific software. This software allows for the scheduling of employee tasks, communication within the company, as well as with clients and suppliers. Is your company ready for this phase of change? An Interim Chief Transformation Officer can answer this question and lead your company’s digital transformation.

The role of a CTO

An Interim Chief Transformation Officer’s main mission is to strategically support the digital transition. He/she has the skills to:

  • Assess the company’s digital maturity level as a whole.
  • Develop a digital strategy that is adapted to the company’s needs.
  • Convince the company to adopt the previously defined digital measures.
  • Integrate appropriate digital devices.
  • Train all team managers in the use of digital tools.
  • Promote the company’s growth through web marketing.
  • Advise the company when making a decision.
  • Carry out online operations (modification or maintenance of existing sites, etc.).
  • Performing a technology watch to stay informed about the creation of new digital solutions.

The qualities of a Chief Transformation Officer

The chief digital transformation officer that Reactive Executive presents to you is a graduate from a university or a grande école. He/she has the necessary skills to fulfill these missions. He/she combines a great capacity for analysis and operational precision. Their listening skills do not alter the fact that this leader manages a team of experts, advises management and knows how to persuade it in the choices to be made. The Interim Chief Transformation Officers also demonstrate an open-mindedness to the company’s culture, adaptability and respect for deadlines.

The advantages of interim management

Interim managers are increasingly in demand among companies. The temporary absence of a strategic executive or the lack of a skill to carry out certain missions are some of the reasons that lead the managers of a company to contact us to find the right interim manager. The field of digital transformation is no exception to this fact. By opting for an Interim Chief Transformation Officer, you are giving your company the opportunity to benefit from quality services. Aware of the short duration of their mission, our CTOs focus on their work.

Specialized in interim management, Reactive Executive provides you with highly qualified executives in digital transformation. They can join your teams quickly and preserve your company’s continuity in a period of significant change.


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