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To undertake new business challenges or deal with critical situations within your sales team, an Interim Chief Sales Officer is an effective solution. Reactive Executive, one of the leading companies on the Interim Management market, would like to present you with this clever solution and describe the scope of action of this highly qualified professional who will accompany you for a few months.

Critical situations for your sales

The absence of your Chief Sales Officer or a member of your sales team will undermine the implementation of your company’s strategy. This absence may be due to multiple reasons, which may be either permanent or temporary. In any case, you wish to make up for this absence by having a competent and available Chief Sales Officer. You do not think his/her presence should be permanent, but rather for a few months.

The responsibilities of an Interim Chief Sales Officer

The Chief Sales Officer plays a key role in the company’s sales and earnings. His/her mission is to optimize results. He or she makes strategic decisions that involve:

  • Market and product analysis
  • The definition of a pricing policy
  • The management of a sales team
  • The creation of a distribution network
  • The opening of negotiations with partners and clients
  • Prospecting avenues for growth

Occasionally, he/she organizes sales events. He/she establishes budgets and prepares activity reports for the company’s management team.

The skills of the interim chief sales officer

A Sales Manager must have and develop many values. He or she must be insightful and able to quickly analyze a business context. He/she must be persuasive in their argumentation with clients as well as with distributors and sales representatives. He/she must show determination and patience in the management of a sales contract and must also develop a true team spirit. He or she will work with various departments in the company, such as the Finance Department, Human Resources, Production or R&D. Depending on the markets in which he or she will operate, they will have to master a second language and plan numerous trips.

The advantages of interim sales management

Not having the required skills within your company, you are looking for an experienced manager who will bring immediate improvements to the Sales organization. Relying on this interim sales manager or director for a limited period allows for the development or sustainability of your business at a particular time in the life of the company. An Interim Manager is an expert in his or her field. He or she generally has training and experience that exceeds the expectations of the mission entrusted to them.

Reactive Executive is an interim firm that offers you innovative solutions that will help you develop your company. Contact us to define your needs and we will provide you with different profiles of professionals who are specialized in Interim Sales Management.


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