Interim Chief R&D Officer M/F

Interim R&D Management is an advantageous solution when a position becomes unexpectedly available or when the company is looking for a commercial renewal. Reactive Executive offers you an innovative and personalized solution by providing your company with an Interim R&D Manager. This experienced professional will detect product improvement points in your current catalog and present the items your customers will want to buy in the future.

Sensitive Situations and the Interim R&D Manager

Your customers’ needs are changing rapidly. Their demands too. To meet their expectations, and above all, to anticipate them, a company must have a Research and Development department. There are several situations in which an Executive may wish to use the services of an Interim R&D Manager, including the following:

  • When the current manager is absent
  • When an SME cannot afford to have this position available permanently
  • For complex or specific Research & Development missions requiring an external competence

The duties of the Interim R&D Manager

  • He/she supervises market research and customer surveys.
  • He/she monitors the sectors on which the company’s activity depends.
  • He/she detects growth opportunities and consumer trends
  • He/she proposes product improvements and the creation of new products.
  • He/she works with the Manufacturing and Marketing teams.
  • He/she manages the team by conducting one-on-one interviews and recruiting new employees.
  • He/she participates in defining the company’s strategy.
  • He/she manages their budget and corrects variances

The advantages of Interim Management

Interim Managers are professionals with specific training and many years of experience in their sector of activity. Their know-how is a sure value. Accustomed to undertaking new missions, they quickly adapt to the organization of the company that employs them. From the very first hours, they collect important information to draw up a diagnosis that will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the company, as well as the threats and opportunities in the market. At the same time, they establish strong and effective working relationships with all departments in the company. They ensure that their team is motivated to achieve the objective of the mission. Not interested in a career in this company, Interim Managers do not engage in political discussions and are only motivated by the project’s success.

Reactive Executive is available to listen to your needs. Once we have determined the profile of the Interim Manager who matches the R&D mission to be carried out, we will introduce you to Managers who are immediately available. We are committed to you and to them throughout the probationary period.

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