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The life of a company is full of often unexpected surprises ! Is your Chief Quality Officer going to be absent ? Do you lack the in-house skills to carry out your mission? These situations can weaken the equilibrium of your company. Reactive Executive, one of the leaders in the interim management market, offers you the opportunity to meet a highly qualified Interim Quality Manager who will meet your expectations.

Critical situations for your company

Are your clients wondering about the traceability and conformity of the raw materials and processes used, or of your installations? Are you planning new developments in your production facilities? Do you need to manage a quality crisis by strengthening your communication and developing an action plan? Do you want to redefine the storage, use and maintenance recommendations for your products? Or assess the performance of your various sites? Yet, for personal or professional reasons, your Quality Manager is unable to carry out these missions…

The duties of a quality management executive

In order not to impact your company’s operations and productivity, you are looking for an Interim Quality Manager who is immediately available, competent and able to quickly integrate your company’s culture. Thorough, his/her role will be to:

  • Organize and monitor the Quality Management System at all levels of the company.
  • Define and implement the communication plan on the quality program, both for employees and clients.
  • Ensure that quality procedures are properly understood and applied, through training activities.
  • Identify quality problems and propose adjustments and corrections
  • Carry out and supervise internal and external quality audits
  • Work on specific certification or accreditation procedures and control the sustainability of existing certifications.

The skills of an interim quality manager

Due to the cross-functional nature of his or her function, the Interim Chief Quality Officer will need to demonstrate a strong capacity for analysis, synthesis and innovation. Both written and oral communication is an indispensable quality for correctly issuing directives and developing employees’ skills. Thanks to his or her professionalism, sense of organization and stress management, the Quality Manager will be able to work on numerous projects within the set deadlines, while respecting the set objectives and federating around a clear vision and the challenges of your company. Fluency in English is an additional asset.

The advantages of interim management

Interim Management is a recent market with exponential growth. It offers a customized and optimal solution to companies facing particular and penalizing situations (lack of in-house skills, absence of an employee, temporary increase in activity, etc.) and who wish to find as soon as possible, and for a limited period, a Quality Manager with solid training and significant professional experience. He/she will adapt quickly and will make the success of the mission, albeit temporary, top priority.

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