Interim Chief Procurement Officer M/F

An Interim Purchasing and Supply Chain Manager has all the skills to replace the current Manager in charge of this function in your company overnight or complete a team of Managers faced with an original situation that requires new skills.

A true expert in cost management, this Interim Logistics and Purchasing Manager defines or applies the purchasing policy for a limited period. Apart from this time factor, the responsibilities of an Interim Purchasing and Supply Chain Manager are more or less identical to those of a Manager occupying the position on a permanent basis. Reactive Executive can put you in contact with this executive who knows everything about developing competition, product innovation, exchange rate variations and relocation.

Interim management assignments are based on specific elements or missions such as:

  • The replacement of a Manager
  • The management of a turnaround strategy due to a recovery, restructuring, site closure, etc.
  • A transformation project with digital transformation, a merger or a change in business model
  • A development project with the opening of a site, the launch of a new product line or an establishment abroad.

The duties of an Interim Purchasing and Supply Chain Manager are multiple

We can mention the following:

  • Define and manage the company’s purchasing policy
  • Set objectives for optimizing costs, quality and deadlines
  • Define procedures for purchasing services and products
  • Draft technical specifications
  • Prepare calls for tenders and select appropriate suppliers
  • Negotiate rates and supply terms and conditions with suppliers
  • Ensure the routing of goods to the departments concerned
  • Define activity indicators

The role of the Interim Purchasing and Supply Chain Manager requires quick adaptation to the position. Regular contact with the persons in charge of the other services and strong listening skills will be necessary to carry out a transversal intervention.

Reactive Executive will introduce you to the Interim Purchasing and Supply Chain Manager you are looking for to replace the current Manager or to carry out a specific mission. This experienced executive has excellent skills in the areas of Logistics, Production Techniques, Raw Material Supply and other routine purchases. He or she will focus not only on re-engineering purchasing processes, optimizing costs, reallocating resources and analyzing investments, but also on making the most of human skills. He or she will be able to react to complex issues (non-operational suppliers, transport crisis, etc.), anticipate difficulties while pursuing his or her objectives: synchronizing the different functions and tasks (upstream and downstream of production), securing supply chains, guaranteeing cost reduction.

Manager de Transition Supply Chain - Logistique & Achats

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