Interim Chief Legal Officer M/F

The life of your company is subject to many ups and downs. You must always have a qualified team at your disposal.

Reactive Executive will introduce you to the Interim Chief Legal Officer that you need to serenely manage your projects in the legal area of your company.

Critical situations for your company

Engaged in a major transaction such as a restructuring or merger, do you find that your legal department has neither the skills nor the experience to carry out this transaction? For various reasons, the position of Chief Legal Officer is vacant in your company. Yet the daily management of your business requires this senior manager’s constant presence. To carry out sensitive legal operations, to make up for the temporary absence of this executive or ensure the interim period between his or her final departure and their replacement’s arrival, get an Interim Chief Legal Officer to support you.

The duties of the Interim Chief Legal Officer

Our Interim Legal Officer is immediately operational. Once integrated, he or she will look at your company’s entire activity. We accompany him/her during the entire probation period and offer support throughout his/her mission.

For a few weeks or months, the Chief Legal Officer will assume the various roles related to his/her position:

  • He/she is your company’s representative and direct contact with the legal authorities,
  • He/She is an invaluable advisor during sensitive episodes that affect the Financial, Sales or Marketing department, but which imply compliance with legal standards,
  • He/She ensures the management of current affairs such as dismissals, purchases, sales, litigation…
  • He/She efficiently manages a team of lawyers,
  • He/she develops open and collaborative relationships with members of the management team.

The Chief Legal Officer is always among the first, if not the first, to be informed of the company’s projects. His or her opinion is essential on all sensitive subjects.

The skills of your Chief Legal Officer

Reactive Executive will introduce you to an experienced Chief Executive of the legal department. Having an excellent knowledge of legal topics, he or she is a specialist in civil or criminal law. He or she is familiar with labor, corporate and commercial law. He or she has a good knowledge on tax matters. He/she demonstrates genuine interpersonal and managerial skills. Depending on the interim legal missions you wish to assign, we can select an expert in one of these fields of intervention. All these skills often allow him or her to oversee the company’s General Management.

Adaptation, motivation and autonomy: Our interim legal management professionals are renowned for their extensive expertise and their ability to adapt quickly to new employees and new environments.

Dynamic, they ensure that the entire team has understood the objectives to be achieved. They check every day that all employees are focused on the elements that are beneficial to the company. These missions are for a fixed period. Due to the nature of their activity, Interim Managers do not seek a permanent position in the company. They are fully committed to the success of their mission and are not limited by the usual compromises involved in managing a professional career.

Reactive Executive is an Interim Management firm specialized in the placement of interim executives. Our team uses exclusive methods and tools to introduce you to the right manager for each mission. Our values are the keys to our success: freedom, agility, responsiveness and innovation.


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