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The Chief Digitalization Officer is a recent profession that can be envisaged in the form of a temporary contract. Indeed, the essence of their mission can be accomplished within a few months. Reactive Executive allows you to meet with the CDO or Chief Digital Officer you need to successfully lead your company’s digital transformation. Available in a few days, your new Digital Strategy Manager perfectly masters his/her responsibilities. He/she quickly adapts to the new environment and interacts quickly with all the staff.

Leading your company’s digital transformation

Going digital implies a total change in your company. It profoundly modifies your teams’ working methods. It also redefines the relationship you develop with your clients. What is your current situation in terms of digital communication processes and web marketing? What are your needs in terms of equipment and training? Finally, do you have a digital strategy for your company and the right person to implement major digital projects? Only an experienced professional can lead a project to introduce or improve your company’s ICT methods and tools.


The missions of an interim Chief Digital Strategy Officer

After having clearly defined the mission, your new Interim Chief Digital Strategy Officer will settle into his or her position in order to fulfill the contract. The responsibilities that will be entrusted to him/her are multiple. They can include:

  • Establishing an inventory of the company’s performance
  • Identifying the needs of every department in the company
  • Proposing a tailor-made and realistic digital strategy
  • Studying the impact of new technologies on the company’s organization
  • Defining performance indicators and providing reports
  • Managing the development of digital transformation projects with every department in the company
  • Managing a team of experts in the digital field (hardware and software)
  • Performing a technology watch

The qualities of your Interim Chief Digitalization Officer

Our CDO has a great deal of experience in digital transformation. Holder of a university degree or a degree from a grande école, he or she is an expert in computer technology. He/she is methodical, pedagogical and reflective, among other qualities. He/she quickly analyzes the functioning of the companies they join. He or she establishes a solid and reliable working relationship with all departments. He/she rigorously manages the teams under their supervision. He or she is an operational leader who needs to be persuasive in order to convince company executives to validate the changes that are necessary for the digital transition. Once this mission is over, your Interim Chief Digital Officer will move on to new horizons where they will continue their mission to support companies in their digital transition phase.

For several years, Reactive Executive has been offering companies outstanding manager profiles. They can adapt quickly to a new work environment and complete a mission that will usually last between 3 and 18 months. These temporary assignments allow a company to make up for an executive’s unexpected absence or to have real expertise in a particular field.


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