Interim Chief Credit Officer M/F

Are you looking for an Interim Credit Manager? Would you like to strengthen your team with someone who can manage client risk? Reactive Executive can help you.

Mission definition

Our team of Interim Managers can support you in this specific task. Our Credit Managers can integrate into your company to better analyze the financial risk and define the solvency of its client portfolio. They make sure that the revenues generated by your sales representatives end up in your company’s account as soon as possible.

In conjunction with the sales and accounting departments, the Interim Credit Manager assesses client solvency and accounting. He/she ensures the implementation of a process that allows for shorter payment terms and thus facilitates the collection of revenues.

The role

The role of an Interim Credit Manager, especially in a context of interim management, is now more transversal than ever.

In charge of assessing clients’ ability to contribute to turnover, he/she has several means at their disposal.

In conjunction with the sales managers, he/she analyzes clients’ payment capacities. He/she then seeks to reduce DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) to optimize the company’s WCR (Working Capital Requirement). Thus, the Interim Credit Manager will analyze the accounts receivable to better identify possible accounting errors in collections.

Once this has been completed, the Interim Credit Manager draws up the contractual documents (General Terms and Conditions of Sale, clauses relating to regulations, for example).

He/she is responsible for the implementation of the recovery policy. In case of disputes, your company will follow a procedure established by the Interim Credit Manager. This procedure considers the cost of each action for your company and the impact on the client.

Required skills

Our Interim Credit Managers have developed legal, managerial and commercial skills. They are good communicators and establish links with the different departments in your company and with your clients.

Our Interim Credit Managers have at least 10 years of experience in the field of debt collection. They hold a Master 2 degree in Finance, Accounting or Organizational Auditing or a 5-year higher education diploma from a business school. In addition, they are fluent in English and can therefore interact with international clients.

They can manage a team, analyze balance sheets and draft contractual documents according to legal standards.

They demonstrate strong negotiating skills: they can resolve complicated situations with clients. They are also organized to deal with contingencies while meeting deadlines.

Interim Credit Manager Reporting

The Interim Credit Manager will report to the Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

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