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The Interim Management sector allows for immediate access to a responsive and experienced Chief Communications Officer. This executive, whose contract rarely lasts more than fifteen months, can direct all the company’s communications or carrying out a single mission that is of strategic importance to the life of the company. Whatever your company’s activity, we can introduce you to this Manager who prefers to work in different contexts and who does not wish to manage a career in a company. This is one of the secrets of their effectiveness.

The missions carried out by a chief communications officer

Chief communication officer’s main mission is to determine and promote the image that the company should put forward. They must define an overall strategy that depends directly on the size of the company. This can be a regional, national or international strategy.

An interim mission related to the company’s communications includes several roles:

  • Advise Management in relation to the brand’s identity and positioning both within the company and externally
  • Define the values to be promoted
  • Carry out market studies to enhance the brand’s value
  • Gather information on the company’s development and identify the needs of the company’s departments (Production, Logistics, IT, Human Resources, etc.).
  • Define the communication media and partners we need to team with
  • Set up innovative communication tools to ensure the brand’s presence on the net
  • Develop close relationships with decision-makers in the public sector and stakeholders in the written press, television and radio.

A communication specialist and a true manager

Is your Chief Communications Officer absent for health reasons or has he or she decided to pursue their career with another company? An Interim Chief Communications Officer can replace him or her at short notice. An expert in corporate communications, he/she is also a leader who makes the best use of the teams’ skills. This ability is also used to organize the work of service providers.

He/she masters the main office, graphic design, photo retouching (Photoshop, InDesign…) and web content publishing software.

He/she performs a watch on the brand and sector of activity.

He/she is fluent in oral and written communication.

Global and specific missions

Apart from the accelerated replacement of an executive or a Management Relay mission pending the recruitment and arrival of the new Executive, the interim mission can be due to a more important event such as a development of the brand (takeover, merger, establishment abroad…) or transformation (site closure, restructuring, digital transformation…). In some SMEs, temporarily calling on the services of a Chief Communication Officer allows for the allocation of real expertise to a particular issue, but without committing to a permanent contract.

Reactive Executive is your Interim Management firm. Tell us what you need, and we will establish a project to improve your company’s Communications with an Interim Chief Communications Officer.


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