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Are you looking for an Interim Accounting Manager ? Do you need to quickly find an Accounting Services Manager to ensure an important interim mission within your company? This strategic position must be entrusted to an experienced professional with special qualities in order to immediately assume the responsibilities and manage the teams. Reactive Executive is an interim management firm that helps you find that specialist in Management and Accounting.

Your Accounting Manager’s tasks

In charge of managing the company’s accounts, your Accounting Manager is responsible for the accuracy of the data and the compliance of the accounting entries. He/she establishes the procedures for accounting operations. He or she is responsible for the production of tax and social security documents, in particular the tax package corresponding to the monthly, quarterly and annual fiscal year ends. He/she participates in drawing up budgets and regularly checks the consistency of results and forecasts. He/she proposes corrective action plans in the event of a significant difference. In charge of general accounting, he/she oversees financial flows. He/she ensures the smooth running of the invoicing and cash management departments. The Accounting Manager is in contact with the various financial institutions (banks, tax authorities, insurance companies, auditors).

A special situation for your company

The responsibilities of an Accounting Services Manager are carried out daily. If you are faced with the unexpected absence of your Chief Accountant (illness, accident, maternity or resignation), you must quickly replace him or her. Opting for an Interim accountant is a wise decision. This experienced executive is over-qualified and ready for a replacement at a moment’s notice. Available in just a few days, he/she adapts quickly to the new working environment. He/she establishes a precise diagnosis of the company’s situation and sets up a retroplanning of urgent tasks to be carried out. A graduate from a prestigious school or university, our Interim Accounting Manager has extensive experience in companies. He/she has often managed strategic projects such as the closure of a site, a turnaround, the sale of a business, the buyout of a company, an IPO, a foreign establishment… Nearly 60% of the assignments entrusted to our Interim Managers involve crisis management.

The qualities of an Interim Accounting Manager

Thorough and precise, an Interim Chief Accounting Officer must be of exemplary probity. Endowed with a very sharp sense of organization, he or she ensures that missions are carried out within the planned deadlines. His/her relational ease and ease of communication allow them to address their staff, the staff of other departments within the company, the Directors, the representatives of banks and public administration services with the same simplicity.

Reactive Executive was founded in 2012. Since then, we have developed an efficient organization in the Interim Management sector. Our teams include all the profiles that are necessary for the smooth running of your company: Purchasing, Production, Human Resources, Supply Chain, IT, Maintenance, etc. Our Interim Managers have already worked in most sectors of activity: Health, Chemicals, Transport, Industry, Services, Retail, etc. Their adaptability and determination to fulfil their mission make them very high-level managers.

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