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Are you looking for an interim Human Resources Manager (HRM) who can steer your HR department through a complex episode in your company? Will this require completing a restructuring plan, a site closure, the purchase of a competitor’s chain and merging the teams of the two entities, an improvement in performance? To find the specialist you need temporarily, contact Reactive Executive, the expert in interim management assignments, your most reliable partner.

Your company can go through complex moments. The management and resolution of these issues requires such specific experience and know-how that your management team may lack these skills. In sensitive cases, it is advisable to hand over the supervision of these short or medium-term cases to our Interim HR Management specialists.

A selection of experienced HR managers to carry out a wide variety of interim assignments:

  • Improved performance: The Human Resources Manager will be able to establish a climate of trust and cooperation with social partners and restore managerial credibility
  • Change management: our HR Manager will be able to lead a change management process by creating the cultural and social conditions for change.
  • Crisis management: our interim HR Manager will have to restore social dialogue or implement an Employment Protection Plan (EPP).
  • Managerial emergencies: it is also possible to call upon an Interim Human Resources Manager for the temporary replacement of a staff member.

For example, a development or a takeover are always delicate situations for a company. Establishing a relationship of trust with employees, modifying a Human Resources management policy or supporting companies undergoing internal changes are projects that cannot be improvised. By calling on the services of an Interim HR Manager, you will benefit from the expertise of an operational manager who is fully aware of the challenges of Human Resources.

Accustomed to managing crisis situations or managing periods of strategic change, our Interim Managers have very special qualities. They are patient, rigorous, determined and available. Thus, upon confirmation of the agreement, our Interim Human Resources Managers will very quickly take up their positions. They will interact with their new colleagues to develop the broadest possible teamwork. By establishing contact with the other members of the management team, the Interim HR Manager has a better understanding of the communication flow within the company.

Our Interim HR Managers have specific skills that allow them to intervene in complex environments and situations: company assignments, mergers and acquisitions, and even transfers.

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