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Our “General Management” Interim Managers and Executives can work on assignments as Interim Chief Executive Officer within a company or organization. Their diverse profiles allow us to offer you the ideal Director for your business sector. They have vast experience in the mission that you will entrust to them.

Our Interim Chief Executive Officer can handle high-stakes organizational change situations. This evolution can be internal and due to various reasons, such as digital transformation, a change in business strategy or the closure of a site. It can also be external with the acquisition of a competitor or a merger. Many of our Managing Directors have already led the development of international companies. During their missions as Chief Executive Officer, our Interim Managers carry out all the basic responsibilities of their position:

They manage and coordinate different functions of the company (Purchasing, Quality, Supply Chain, HR, R&D…), They ensure the implementation of the company’s strategy, they follow the evolution of the company’s economic results, they make sure that the company’s actions take place within a legal framework Experienced in crisis management, they manage the phases of social conflicts, recovery or restructuring. They have extensive experience in the implementation of Employment Protection Plans (EPP)

Our team of Interim Chief Executive Officers is made up of executives from a wide range of backgrounds. These Directors have worked in the industrial or service sectors. They belong to the world of Business, Construction, Health, Distribution, Logistics… They can occupy the first position of a company during the whole period of the event that affects the organization of this entity. This mission can last several months.

A Chief Executive Officer can also be used to replace an Executive Officer within the General Management team. This absence may be due to an end of contract or a health problem.

Our Interim Managers are quickly available. They can quickly adapt to their new environment and the teams they will lead. They are very invested and committed to the success of their mission. Respecting deadlines and establishing very clear action plans are a part of their way of working.

To find out more about the missions of our Chief Executive Officers, please contact us.


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