Chief Information Officer M/F

Improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the IT Department, preparing the overhaul or development of the information system can be risky… Reactive Executive can help you in this context, by providing you with an experienced Interim Chief Information Officer to manage and secure major IT projects.

You can rely on one of our Interim CIOs to increase the performance of your Information System. After a diagnostic phase, the Interim Chief Information Officer will set up an action plan aimed at improving the internal structure of the department, resolving any malfunctions detected and reducing any additional costs.

In close collaboration with the General Management as well as with the members of the Management Committee, our CIOs are perfectly capable of integrating specific issues related to your sector of activity: E-Commerce, IT security or the use of New Information and Communication Technologies (NICT).

Our Chief Information Officers (CIOs) are responsible for:

  • The management and maintenance of computer hardware, network equipment (storage, backup, printing systems, etc.), software and information systems,
  • The management of IT evolutions imposed by the company’s strategy,
  • The implementation of procedures.

Reactive Executive mobilizes Chief Information Officers (CIOs) to carry out any type of interim mission:

  • Deployment of a new company software package: this Interim Manager monitors the smooth running of the project and its rationalization, contacts service providers and ensures that costs and production planning are controlled,
  • Change management: The Interim CIO ensures that end-users properly integrate new tools. He/she will be able to organize training and skills transfer sessions for employees,
  • Consulting and project monitoring: The Interim Chief Information Officer is deployed upstream or during the IS redesign process, for example when you need to redirect a project that has got off to a bad start.

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