Chief Industrial Officer M/F

Reactive Executive selects, recommends and accompanies experienced Interim Managers to temporarily take over the head of your company’s Industrial Department.

Our Manager, in his/her capacity as interim Industrial Manager, draws on experience from various production sites: large series, manufacturing, primary sector industries. He or she quickly takes the necessary steps to eradicate any negative points: quality issues, excessively high costs, difficulties in transitioning to a new technology, etc. He or she determines whether the problem stems from a problem of communication and coordination between the different sites or whether it is related to the use of the production tool and the weaknesses of the industrialization plan.

The Interim Industrial Manager’s missions

  • Define the company’s industrial strategy with the General Management,
  • Define the industrial organization,
  • Make investment decisions regarding production tools,
  • Plan the overall distribution of resources between production sites,
  • Report the financial results of their activity to the General Management.

His/her mission within the Interim Industrial Department is divided into several stages

  • Step 1: develop an action plan
    The Interim Industrial Manager’s mission begins by developing and implementing a strategy for the company’s profitability and productivity.
  • Step 2: Restructuring
    The Interim Industrial Manager conducts a market watch to reorganize certain services. He/she assesses the efficiency of production tools, considers new investments and allocates the necessary resources to each manufacturing unit.
  • Step 3: Presenting the results
    He/she regularly prepares a detailed report on the situation and current developments. He/she works closely with the directors and managers of each production site.

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