Chief Financial Officer M/F

Are you looking for an Interim Chief Financial Officer to carry out a specific mission in your company? Does this mission require great skills and real experience in specific fields? Reactive Executive is a reliable and efficient partner for all your needs.

Our team of Interim Managers includes many experienced executive profiles in the field of Finance and Administration. These specialists are renowned for their excellent steering of performance indicators and their cash management in sensitive, turnaround or reorganization contexts. We will introduce you to the people whose skills best match your wishes so that you can make the most appropriate choice.

Your Interim Chief Financial Officer will be in charge of mastering the challenges of the moment. These may result from a change in information systems, a change of shareholders, a buyout or restructuring phase of the company, a temporary cash crisis or simply the unforeseen absence of your Chief Financial Officer.

The missions of a Chief Financial Officer are varied. They include fulfilling daily responsibilities and piloting exceptional events. While on assignment, the Chief Financial Officer performs all the functions related to his Director’s status for a few months.

Reactive Executive’s interim Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is responsible for coordinating the financial and administrative services of a company.

His/her mission is to:

  • Manage and coordinate Administrative and Financial Services
  • Manage the implementation of new organizational tools
  • Plan budgets and implement business plans
  • Develop and update reporting tables
  • Analyze the margins achieved between the cost of products and their sale
  • Review and find appropriate solutions for funding requirements

Holder of a degree from a university or a Grande Ecole, this interim Director of your Administrative and Finance Department is subject to continuous training in order to stay abreast of the evolution of his or her sector of activity. A leader, he/she organizes and controls the work of the various experts that make up the team. Precise and rigorous, he/she ensures that all documents that pass through their hands are accurate and delivered on time. Available and reactive, he or she intervenes quickly and adapts to the new environment and new colleagues without any difficulty.

To find the Chief Financial Officer who will ensure an interim mission in your company, please contact us. Attentive to your needs, we offer you a custom solution.


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