Manage a multicultural team
Publié le 19 Dec 2018

Manage a multicultural team

Managing a multicultural team is a common situation in a company. International partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, movement of populations, digital transformation… the reasons for mixing distinct profiles are legion. Managing a multicultural team requires certain qualities. Often a misunderstanding or lack of openness leads to conflict and belittlement.

Natural differences

Whether through their exports or their establishments, French companies are widely present internationally. This galloping globalization of the economy is reflected in the growing mobility of people.
In France, it is common for a work team to be made up of people from very distant geographical origins or belonging to different socio-economic categories. Age is also a distinctive element. Thanks to the Erasmus program of the European Union, young people can study and train abroad. Young foreigners also come to train in France. Local experienced seniors and foreign students in training therefore work together on strategic projects.

The risks of inappropriate management

Globalization maintains the idea of ​​a space without borders, where national differences would be erased and prejudices erased. The existence of cultural differences, whether professional, organizational or generational, is undeniably an asset for your company . But if they are too pronounced and poorly managed, they can quickly affect its proper functioning and performance . For example, the unexpected departure of an employee, offended by comments that he considers to be inappropriate, can compromise a mission.

Valuing differences

Good management of a multicultural team involves identifying differences, accepting them and explaining them in order to make the most of them. To do this, show curiosity, discuss, read and learn to anticipate and better understand the reactions of employees. Develop ways of working that respect these differences and meet business imperatives, while improving cooperation. Make this wealth bear fruit so that everyone feels valued by their work and contributes to the company’s results.

Play to work well

Strengthening team spirit , or ” teambuilding ” in English, is an essential prerequisite for improving group cohesion. Surely you know escape games, these escape games where a team must solve a puzzle to escape from a room. Many sporting events, such as foot races, allow the employees of the same company to unite around a common objective. Finally, you can opt for the meal method, asking everyone to prepare a dish from their country.

Transition manager and multicultural team

In order to manage a multicultural team effectively, you can call on an Interim Manager . This experienced professional has all the skills to manage heterogeneous profiles.
Guided by the interests of the company, he knows how to put everyone’s skills to good use and develop team spirit. It cultivates diversity in order to develop reliable and innovative solutions.

Cultural differences are strengths for the company. It is essential to preserve and respect them. You have to learn to intelligently mix cultures, backgrounds, ages and experiences. And above all, keep in mind that we are all a stranger in someone’s eyes.

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