Interim procurement & interim supply chain management

An interim manager as a procurement manager and supply chain manager

Growing competition, product innovation, exchange rate fluctuation and outsourcing all have an impact on procurement and supply chain functions.

To address these challenges, Reactive Executive connects you with procurement managers and supply chain managers with experience in logistics, production techniques, raw materials procurement and other common purchasing tasks.

At Reactive Executive, our interim procurement managers and interim supply chain managers play a central role as internal and external coordinators. Communicating is big part of their job, whether it is to share information between departments, between a producer and a subsidiary, or between a department and a distributor. They maintain inventory and procurement levels, identify warehousing and labor needs and calculate the resources needed to distribute products or to deliver services at a national or international level.

Interim supply chain management

Our interim procurement managers are dedicated to overhauling the procurement process, optimizing costs, reallocating resources and analyzing spending, but they are equally invested in leveraging your employees’ skills. They know how to respond to complex issues (underperforming supplier, transportation crisis, etc.) and to anticipate challenges while pursuing their goals:

  • Align all functions and tasks (upstream and downstream).
  • Secure supply chains.
  • Guarantee cost reduction.