Interim operations management

An interim manager as an operations manager

Reactive Executive proposes experienced interim manufacturing managers and supports them to ensure success as they temporarily take charge of your operations department.

When our managers are appointed as interim operations managers, they harness their experience honed in a variety of production settings: large batch, factory, primary sector, etc.

They act swiftly to correct negative points, such as quality problems, excessive costs and problems shifting to new technology. In particular, they determine whether the issue stems from a lack of communication or coordination between sites, the way production resources are used or weaknesses in the mass production plan.

Responsibilities of the interim manufacturing manager

  • Define the company’s manufacturing strategy with General Management.
  • Define the operating organization.
  • Decide on investments to make in production facilities.
  • Schedule the overall distribution of resources among production sites.
  • Report the financial results of their work to General Management.

The interim manufacturing management process unfolds in several stages.

  • Step 1: Develop an action plan
    The interim manufacturing manager begins the assignment by developing and implementing a strategy to boost the company’s profitability and productivity.

  • Step 2: Restructure
    The interim operations manager surveys the market with a view to reorganizing some departments. He or she assesses the effectiveness of production facilities, considers new investments and allocates the necessary resources to each production unit.

  • Step 3: Highlight results
    The interim manufacturing manager regularly submits detailed reports on the situation and changes under way. He or she works closely with the managers at each production site.