Interim finance management

An interim manager as CFO

Is your company going through a crisis or a full-scale reorganization?

Reactive Executive can provide you with an interim manager with a finance background to oversee performance indicators and cash management in sensitive situations, such as turnaround or downsizing.

Interim finance directors: a 360-degree manager

Interim finance directors are tasked with getting a handle on your company’s current challenges, whether they result from a change in information systems or shareholders, an acquisition or restructuring phase or a temporary cash flow problem. They must also perform all the day-to-day tasks associated with the CFO position.

Reactive Executive’s interim administrative and financial directors coordinate a company’s financial and/or administrative services. Their responsibilities are to:

  • Manage and coordinate administrative and finance departments.
  • Manage the deployment of new organizational tools.
  • Define budgets and draw up business plans.
  • Develop and update reporting metrics.
  • Analyze profit margins for products sold.
  • Study and allocate appropriate solutions to the funding needs.