Interim Management assignment steps

The steps of an interim management assignment

Reactive Executive guarantees a successful interim management assignment by choosing and presenting to you a manager whose skills and background match your company's goals and business sector. Our interim assignments can address any type of issue: temporary executive replacement, crisis situation, performance improvement, etc.

A successful interim management assignment is contingent on adherence to a strict, well-defined process. An interim management assignment unfolds in several stages.

Step 1: Define the context of the interim management assignment

No two interim management assignments are alike. Thus it is crucial to clearly define the scope of the interim manager’s work. We work with you to precisely state your needs, your company’s context and your objectives.

Step 2: Select the interim manager(s)

After carefully defining your issue, we will choose the most qualified managers based on your requirements and your industry.

Step 3: Begin the assignment

During the interim assignment, the time factor is very important. This is why our interim managers jump right in so they can become operational in a very short period.

Step 4: Monitor actions

Our staff continuously monitors indicators to measure the assignment’s progress. Depending on changes in these indicators, the assignment ends or continues.

Step 5: Complete the assignment and prepare for the future

When the indicators are satisfactory, the assignment is complete. However, it does not end abruptly. Our interim managers, Reactive Executive partners and your staff work together to ensure a smooth handover.
A summary report is written upon conclusion of the interim assignment. More importantly, our interim management firm stays in touch with you for the entire duration of the process and all your comments are addressed to guarantee effective collaboration.

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