Interim Management Mission: How to start it?
Publié le 03 Aug 2020

Interim Management Mission: How to start it?

What is the purpose of transition management?

A company most often calls on an interim manager to manage an exceptional situation, a transformation or a restructuring .

Initially, the role of the interim manager was essentially to manage a crisis: closure of a site, crisis management media, merger-acquisition requiring a reduction in staff, implementation of a job protection plan (PES), replacement at a moment’s notice of a manager who left suddenly… This is what we call “defensive” missions.

The scope of intervention of the firms has developed over time, and they also delegate managers to take the lead on so-called “offensive” missions. In this context, it is no longer a question of managing a crisis. The mission is then much more operational and requires real technical skills. But the interim manager must demonstrate, in addition to his expertise, an ability to support teams and proven leadership.

Indeed, companies now call on interim management firms to carry out high-level strategic projects: improvement of technical processes, diversification of the product or service offer offered to their customers, training of a service for new skills, support for development, etc.

What you need to know to start a mission

To set up an interim management mission , we invite you to ask yourself three questions: what is my current situation, what are the objectives that I am trying to achieve, what are the means that I wish to put in place to achieve them?

The role of the interim management firm is to support you in clarifying these questions prior to the mission. By helping you to precisely define the current context, it will allow you to define precise indicators to ensure its success.

It is indeed absolutely essential to set up clear management tables and management tools. The mission being defined in time in a precise way, the objectives must be quantifiable and measurable. In conjunction with your firm, you will set your objectives for your manager.

This is the best way to monitor the effectiveness of a mission. These objectives can of course be brought to evolve during the mission.

Choose Reactive Executive as Interim Management Firm

Upstream of the mission, Reactive Executive brings you its expertise: our significant experience with structures of all sizes, in various sectors of activity, allows us to have an overview of your needs.

To help you define and set objectives for your interim manager, we take the time to study your situation with you in its context and to establish an initial assessment .

Aware that the expectations of companies may change during the mission, we ensure regular monitoring of the indicators put in place, and we propose a revision of these if necessary.

Click here to learn more about how to choose the right interim management firm .

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