How to support change management?
Publié le 18 Mar 2021

How to support change management?

Certain changes, certain strategic orientations, can upset the traditional mode of operation of a company. For change to take place under the best conditions, the notion of change management must be well understood .

What is change management?

Leading change or accompanying it consists of implementing actions to help teams understand and accept the change . Change management also aims to help teams adopt change and integrate it optimally into their practices.

Accompanying change takes into account the impact of these modifications on their work: they can be material, financial, relational or even psychological.

In any change management , the link must be made between one or more transformation project(s) and employees more or less ready for it. The goal sought is the conclusion of each project under the conditions provided: achievement of objectives, respect of deadlines and budget, without raising (too many) objections.

Namely: Change management is also called change management or change management .

Some objectives of change management

Companies embarking on a major change adopt a specific approach while:

  • Facilitating the acceptance and understanding of changes
  • Anticipating and reducing employee rejection factors
  • Reducing the costs and time associated with a transition
  • Fostering a collaborative spirit within the company, etc.

Some examples of change

Change management occurs in many situations:

  • Change management is required when new technologies are to be adopted, new legal frameworks are to be respected (GDPR, for example), or during a merger between two planned entities .
  • Change management is also involved in properly preparing for the marketing of new products and/or services, the dematerialization of documents or processes, the implementation of new management techniques or the outsourcing of certain activities.
  • Among the reasons for changing or reorienting a strategy, there is also adaptation to the digital transition, catching up on a competitor or even improving its turnover or profitability.

Why hire an interim manager?

Dealing with change , especially if it is significant, requires special skills and expertise. Very often, these resources are not found internally: this is where the interim manager comes in.

The main mission of the transition manager is to carry out the change within the time limits and in collaboration with your teams. His mission will be to provide a rapid and adequate response to the emergency situation in which your company finds itself.

Calling on an interim manager means using the services of an experienced person who will be able to adapt to your situation. She will steer the project, coordinate the teams in place and ensure that operations are properly monitored.

The transition manager will make the link between the past and future organization, within your company.

How to start an Interim Management Mission?

For an interim management mission to be effective and productive, it must be prepared in advance. In the case of change management, we advise you to think about your needs, your objectives and the reasons for the change .

Then, we can identify, with you, the characteristics of the profile of the interim manager in order to identify the profile(s) best suited to meet your expectations. Once this step is completed, Reactive Executive searches its network of experts for the manager corresponding to the criteria defined with you. We take into account his expertise, his specializations, the sectors in which he has already evolved, his soft skills , etc.

At the beginning of the mission , you can explain your expectations and the challenges of the intervention to the interim manager. Do not hesitate to inform him of the key stages of the mission, its duration and the objectives to be achieved.

Operational from his arrival, the interim manager informs you of his action plan and the steps to be taken: the deadlines and the budget to be respected are also detailed. Subsequently, it involves your teams and collaborators in the implementation of your new strategy. He is able to federate the teams around a project, a common goal.

Throughout the duration of his mission, which can last from 6 to 18 months, the manager keeps you informed of progress: he bases himself on the objectives that you have established beforehand.

When the end of the mission has arrived , the interim manager gives you a roadmap. The latter allows you to continue the effort undertaken and to make all the work accomplished during this change bear fruit.

Choosing the right interim management firm

Choosing the right transition managementfirm is not always easy. That’s why we give you some advice.

First, define the mission as well as possible: why do you want to make this change? With what objectives in view? The more specific you are, the more the firm is able to find a suitable person for your project.

Choose a firm that is already well established. This criterion allows you to know if the firm has been able to create a substantial network of managers specialized in the transition.

Last tip: opt for a firm specializing in interim management. Change management has its particularities that specialized firms know how to address.

The places of intervention of Reactive Executive

The interim managers selected by Reactive Executive are able to travel throughout France. Whatever the location of your premises, our managers can get there.

Reactive Executive also has an international network. This asset allows us to have a global vision, in addition to making many trips if your activities require it.

How to become an interim manager

Having acquired more than 20 years of experience in management and team management positions, our managers know how to adapt very quickly to the culture of the companies for which they have to work.

The latter have worked in many diverse and varied fields of activity and our network covers all market sectors: from SMEs to administrations and large accounts.

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