How to manage a conflict management?
Publié le 17 Oct 2022

How to manage a conflict management?

In France, the culture of results is very strong. Managers have a duty to be demanding with their employees. But in some cases, it takes a turn causing a conflict with his employee .

The manager and the employee must find a solution together to overcome this problem. Unfortunately, in a professional setting, it’s not always so simple, especially if you’re dealing with a toxic manager .

Discover in this article how to manage conflicts at work? And how do you resolve a conflict with your manager?

1. What is conflict management?

A conflict is a dispute between two people from the same organization , from the same group. Depending on the nature of the issues and interests, conflicts can take many forms between employees, between teams and possibly with management.

The causes of a conflict can be very varied, but the most frequent are jealousy, rivalry, the desire to take the place of the other and also the difference in character.

In summary, conflict is inevitable in any human relationship. In a professional context, it can be a source of stress and worry.

2. The causes of a conflict with his manager

Employees can have conflicts with their manager for several reasons.

The most often cited case of conflict is jealousy . The employee wants to take the place of the manager, because he thinks he is better placed than him to ensure the management of the team. This rivalry is often resented by the manager who feels threatened.

There can be a conflict between the manager and his employee if the latter does not show team spirit, or even is nonchalant. The negative spirit of a collaborator can then be the source of a conflict.

Finally, the need for recognition is also a factor of conflict between the manager and his employee. The employee wants to be recognized by his manager and his hierarchy , he wants to be valued as he deserves. This desire for recognition can be a source of conflict at work.

3. How to manage a conflict with your manager?

If you are faced with a conflict with your manager, here are some tips for managing it.

1) Set limits

First of all, if you are facing a conflict with your manager at work, you have to impose limits on yourself. In fact, just like with a non-professional conflict, you need to adopt an attitude to manage this conflict at work .

You can’t tell your manager everything, and you shouldn’t make them feel jealous of another colleague. Indeed, above all, a conflict does not have to be at work and you must not forget that your manager is your hierarchical superior.

So you have to know how to control yourself and not respond to everything he says.

2) Identify the source of the problem

Similarly, the first step in managing a conflict with your manager is to know where the problem comes from. You have to know how to identify the source of the conflict.

Only constructive dialogue can solve this problem. Indeed, if you cannot settle it alone, you can also seek the opinion of a third party.

3) State the facts with your manager

Then, if you are faced with a conflict with your manager, you must explain the facts to him.

To do this, you must make it clear to him what you blame yourself for and what you expect of him. You can make him understand that you want a solution to your problem.

Indeed, in a conflict with your manager, you have to know how to calm down and not stand up to your hierarchical superior.

4) Discuss it with Human Resources

If the dialogue does not work with your manager, you can contact the Human Resources Manager. He will be able to advise you and help you deal with this problem.

You can also demand to be received with your hierarchical superiors and ask them to solve this problem. You can exchange with other colleagues who are facing the same problem and look for solutions together.

5) Look for solutions

After identifying the causes of your conflict during your discussion with your manager, look together for solutions to deal with it.

For this, you can discuss with other people who have already experienced this type of situation. You can also seek advice from a professional who can help you find solutions to this problem.

6) Work with an Interim Manager

It may be interesting to work with an interim management firm in the event of an HR crisis. Using his managerial expertise, the Interim Manager will restore the balance of the team while supporting the manager and the employee in difficulty.

An Interim Manager is someone who works for a few weeks or months in your company. Its objectives will be to advise and implement action and organizational strategies.

The help of an external professional can bring real help in cases of conflict.

7) Stay positive and patient

Finally, if you are faced with a conflict with your manager, you must remain positive. Indeed, it is important to keep smiling at work and to be in a good mood. It’s up to you to make your manager understand that you’re not going to let a little fight at work get you down.

Know that even if there are difficult situations and they are not easy to manage, you have to know how to be patient and deal with this problem.

In summary, a conflict with your manager is normal but you have to know how to manage it. If the discussions with your direct manager or with Human Resources are unsuccessful, you can call on an interim management firm to help you in the event of an HR crisis to improve communication and find solutions to your conflicts.

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