How to improve the quality of life at work in 5 points?
Publié le 12 Sep 2022

How to improve the quality of life at work in 5 points?

Very little known a few years ago, today, QVT or quality of life at work is now one of the priorities of companies, which is quite logical given that this element has impacts on employees, but also on the performance of the company itself. If QWL is implemented or improved within a company, the company can become competitive in the market and attractive to future employees.

The question is how to implement or improve the quality of working life . The process can be done using several methods and tools, including interim management .

What is QVT?

QVT: What is it? Reactive Executive

The QVT or quality of life at work is generally defined as an approach whose objective is to improve the performance of a company , through the improvement of the well-being of the employees.

You should know that while the majority of definitions include the notion of a company, which corresponds to several individuals, QVT can also concern a single individual. Indeed, people who work alone are also concerned by the quality of life at work.

In some cases, this concept also relates to the working conditions of employees within the company . These conditions can be assessed using certain tools such as a QVT barometer. But in general, it is possible to consider that QVT is present in a company when:

  • Employees know how to work in a team,
  • The health and safety of employees is guaranteed by the company,
  • The work environment contributes to the well-being of employees.

Why is QVT important?

Why is quality of work important? Reactive Executive

As a reminder, QVT is an approach that combines two elements, namely:

  • business performance,
  • Employee well-being.

This approach is very important, because usually, these two elements are interdependent. Indeed, it would be difficult to imagine a company becoming ever more efficient if the working conditions of employees continue to deteriorate. On the other hand, experience has shown that happy employees work harder and better .

Implementing quality of life at work then leads to a “win-win” situation where the employees and the company both derive many benefits.

For employees, QVT allows:

  • To reduce the level of stress,
  • Achieve professional goals more easily
  • Better organize at work
  • Improve communication and cohesion within work teams.

For the company, the approach mainly helps to increase productivity. However, it also makes the company more attractive to job seekers and future employees. By extension, implementing QVT also contributes to employee loyalty.

5 Tips to improve the quality of life at work

5 tips to improve the quality of life at work | Reactive Executive

Before embarking on concrete actions, it is first necessary to determine whether QVT is present or not, within the company and to evaluate it. This will highlight the areas that need to be worked on.

Once these points have been identified, it will be possible to embark on improving the quality of life at work . There are several methods that can achieve this.

1) Interim management

Transition management is an approach that is used in companies in the context of large-scale projects. More specifically, it is a strategy of entrusting an outside person with the supervision, direction and all of the management of a project. The use of this person who is the Transition Manager is justified by:

  • The lack of skills or expertise within the company to manage the project,
  • The duration of the project which does not allow the company to devote itself to it from start to finish,
  • The scope of the project.

What does interim management do in the implementation or improvement of QWL? Quite simply, the expert is very well placed to ensure that the process is carried out. It may in particular:

  • Identify all the actions to be taken,
  • Accompany employees in the face of the many changes that may occur,
  • Follow up on the progress of the process,
  • Propose corrective actions or adjustments if necessary.

By going through transition management to improve QWL , the company or the person concerned will not have to identify the different steps themselves.

2) Promote employee recognition

The need for recognition is one of the most important human needs. At work or in the professional field, this need is even more important. Furthermore, recognition has been shown to have direct effects on employee well-being.

Promoting employee recognition is one of the simplest methods to improve the quality of life at work. In practice, it consists for example of:

  • Thank employees for the work they have done,
  • Valuing the efforts of employees in different ways.

3) Strengthen team spirit

The atmosphere at work is a very important factor that influences the quality of life at work . To improve the latter, one of the tricks is to improve the atmosphere at work. How to do ? We need to strengthen the team spirit.

When employees get along well and know how to work together, there is a good chance that the atmosphere at work will improve. Nowadays, there are a very large number of methods to strengthen team spirit:

  • Teamwork training,
  • team-building,
  • Organization of recreational events for employees.

4) Improve feedback within the company

Feedback is very important , whether it is for the purpose of improving the quality of life at work or not. Without this feedback, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to follow the progress of a project or even to know the feelings of the employees.

By improving feedback by allowing employees to express themselves more freely, among other things, it is possible to improve the quality of life at work.

5) Improve the working environment

The quality of life at work also largely depends on the working environment. Ideally, the latter should:

  • Guarantee the health and safety of employees,
  • Promote productivity,
  • Breathe the professional side by allowing certain freedoms.

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