How is the salary of an interim manager determined?
Publié le 12 May 2020

How is the salary of an interim manager determined?

Le management de transition est une pratique courante dans les entreprises pour faire face à des périodes de changement ou de gestion de crise, telles que des fusions, des restructurations, ou des départs de cadres dirigeants. Les managers de transition sont des professionnels expérimentés et qualifiés, qui apportent leur expertise et leur leadership pour gérer ces situations de manière temporaire, avant que l’entreprise ne trouve une solution à plus long terme.

The salary of an interim manager is an important aspect to consider, as it must be competitive to attract the best talent, while being fair and justified in relation to the skills and responsibilities of the position.

Si vous êtes un manager de transition, vous êtes probablement conscient des nombreux avantages que ce type d’emploi peut offrir. Non seulement vous pouvez travailler sur une variété de projets stimulants, mais vous pouvez également profiter d’un salaire élevé et de nombreux avantages. Toutefois, il est important de comprendre comment votre salaire est calculé afin de vous assurer que vous êtes payé équitablement.

What type of contract for an interim manager?

What type of contract for an interim manager? Reactive Executive explains the types of contract

Interim managers can be hired under different types of contracts, which can have an impact on their salary and working conditions. Here are the main contract types for interim managers:

  • The salaried contract is the most common for interim managers. In this case, the manager is hired directly by the company and is compensated in the form of salary, with benefits such as health insurance and paid holidays. This type of contract offers great stability and financial security for the interim manager, as well as a closer working relationship with the company.
  • Hiring an interim manager is another option. In this case, the manager is employed by an interim agency and is seconded to the company for a fixed period. This type of contract is often used for short-term assignments and offers great flexibility for the company, which can quickly end the assignment once it is completed. However, the interim manager may not benefit from employee benefits and may have a less close working relationship with the company.
  • The freelancer is another choice for interim managers. In this case, the manager is considered as a service provider and is remunerated in fees. This type of contract offers great freedom and flexibility for the interim manager, who can choose their missions and set their own rates. However, it may be more difficult for the company to manage and supervise the work of the interim manager, and the latter does not benefit from the social benefits offered to employees.
  • Finally, wage sub-portage is an interesting alternative for interim managers who wish to work as self-employed while benefiting from the security of an employee contract. In this case, the interim manager works as a service provider for a wage portage company, which manages the invoicing and payment of fees and offers social benefits similar to those of an employee contract. However, the cost of this type of contract may be higher for the company.

The choice of the type of contract will depend on several factors, such as the duration of the mission, the available budget, the nature of the mission and the social benefits offered. It is important to note that interim managers are often paid a daily rate, which can vary significantly depending on their level of expertise, qualification and work experience.

How does invoicing work for interim managers?

When an interim manager is hired for a project, they are often billed at an hourly rate . This rate can vary depending on many factors, such as the experience of the manager, the complexity of the project and the length of the mandate. In general, interim managers charge between 800 and 1500 euros per day .

It is important to note that the invoicing does not correspond directly to the salary of the interim manager. Indeed, the interim manager is considered to be an independent worker , which means that he must manage his own accounts and pay his own social and tax charges . Thus, the net salary of the interim manager will be lower than the amount invoiced.

Interim manager salary: how much does he earn?

In general, interim managers are paid more than permanent managers, because they must be ready to commit to temporary assignments and to work in situations of crisis or change.

According to a survey, the average salary of an interim manager in France is around 100,000 euros gross per year. However, this salary range may vary depending on the industry. Interim managers working in sectors such as finance, banking, or pharmaceuticals can expect higher salaries than those working in sectors such as agribusiness or retail.

Interim managers can also negotiate their salary based on their experience and expertise. Managers with longer experience and more specialized expertise may demand a higher salary, while junior or less experienced managers may be willing to accept a lower salary to gain experience. It is also possible to negotiate other benefits, such as bonuses or severance pay.

Finally, it’s important to note that interim managers are often paid by the day , rather than by the hour or month. The daily rate can vary according to the mission and the responsibilities of the interim manager, but it is generally between 800 and 2000 euros per day. According to data from the Association pour l’Emploi des Cadres (APEC), interim managers can expect to earn on average between €75,000 and €120,000 per year in France .

How to calculate the salary of an interim manager?

An interim manager’s salary depends on many factors, such as experience, education, length of tenure, complexity of the project, and hourly rate charged. In general, the salary of an interim manager is between 60,000 and 150,000 euros per year .

It is important to note that an interim manager’s salary can vary greatly depending on their industry. Indeed, some sectors offer higher salaries than others. For example, interim managers working in the finance sector can expect a higher salary than those working in the construction sector.

Why and how to become an interim manager?

Why and how to become an interim manager? necessary to demonstrate solid professional experience and management skills

Becoming an interim manager can be an attractive option for experienced senior managers who wish to exercise their skills in contexts of change or crisis. Interim management assignments offer the opportunity to work on stimulating and varied projects, in different sectors of activity and with teams that are often highly qualified.

Pour devenir un manager de transition, il est généralement nécessaire de justifier d’une solide expérience professionnelle et de compétences en management, ainsi que d’une capacité à travailler dans des environnements complexes et à résoudre des problèmes rapidement. Les managers de transition peuvent venir de différentes industries, mais doivent être capables de s’adapter rapidement à des environnements et à des cultures d’entreprise différents.

Pour plus de précision sur le métier de manager de transition, nous vous invitons à consulter notre article : Devenir manager de transition : tout ce que vous devez savoir

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In summary, an interim manager’s salary depends on many factors, such as their experience, length of tenure, and complexity of the project. Although often billed at an hourly rate, the interim manager’s net salary will be less than the amount billed due to social and tax charges. To negotiate

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