Interim Managers Metalurgy

What situation made you call on Reactive Executive for your Interim Managers needs?

Our metallurgy business employs 140 people. In 2014, we had to cut costs, which meant a staff reduction. To work through the situation, we presented our problem to Reactive Executive and chose to enlist their services, and their Interim Managers. The firm proposed a five- to six-month assignment to create a transition team within the company: a project manager to spearhead an employment and skills management plan and an outplacement consultant.

The employment and skills management plan was presented to employee representatives and managers. The reasons for the workforce reduction and the concrete measures we could take were presented clearly. At the same time, the Reactive Executive outplacement consultant assisted some employees with projects outside our company, including training, new jobs and entrepreneurship.

This support had a snowball effect and, ultimately, several employees worked with the consultant on a variety of personal projects.
The employment and skills management plan – although it was not approved by the employee representatives – met all its objectives: there were no economic lay-offs.

The contributions of the Reactive Executive team – their grasp of the situation, communication with all stakeholders and actions to assist employees and managers – were crucial in managing this difficult period in the history of our company. Plus they met budget and deadline targets.

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