Why did you decide to use Interim Management for your reorganization?

Our shareholder – an international group – decided to downsize one of our manufacturing sites with major workforce consequences, including a redundancy plan affecting more than 200 people and the transfer of operations to Romania.We immediately understood that we did not have the necessary expertise and we met with several interim management firms.

After a series of interviews and reference checks, we chose a human resources director proposed by Reactive Executive for the employment piece.

What made us choose a Reactive Executive manager?

1. Its rigorous selection process.
2. Extensive technical experience with redundancy plans.
3. Strong operational investment in day-to-day management
4. Ability to implement a plan without challenging it
5. The “Reactive Mobilité” service package

The manager fully met our objectives: a majority agreement that met our budget and scheduling goals was signed with strong trade unions.
We are happy that we chose Reactive Executive to assist us with this challenging situation.

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