Change of organization in a company
Publié le 03 Jun 2021

Change of organization in a company

An organizational change may be unavoidable at some point in order to ensure the proper functioning of a business. Know from now on that Reactive Executive offers the necessary support to ensure the management of organizational change in a company . But before going further, it is more advantageous to take the necessary information on this type of change. In this way, you will find it easier to orient yourself in case you need to start an organizational change process in the future.

What is organizational change?

As its name suggests, an organizational change in a company is a process that involves certain transformations. The implementation of this process generally aims to ensure the performance of the company. However, it should not be overlooked that organizational change can be difficult to pin down.

It can well take several forms, the most important of which is deterministic change. This is often considered to be a passive management style , but rigid and also inflexible. In any case, this type of change has relied on the identification of methodological characteristics since its creation. The goal is that you can always plan for change, no matter the situation.

Whatever the reasons given for deciding on a change of organization in a company , he always insists on the establishment of a rigorous framework. This also implies that the procedure for change requires a specific commitment. The objective is to establish a continuous improvement of the state of the company.

In our opinion, you can entrust the change management to a manager that you choose internally. But, you can always hire an external manager or an expert firm if that’s what suits you. It is important to emphasize that the tools available to the manager will depend on the situation. This is also valid for the method to be applied for the internal and external activities of your company.

We can say that improvements can depend on many things. Reactive Executive can, for example, give you the right tools in all areas, especially communication. In addition, the manager must be prepared for all forms of resistance that may arise. Some staff members may, for example, express their dissatisfaction on certain points. Here, the obligation to dismiss workers can be cited.

Drivers of change

At Reactive Executive, several factors can be discussed before implementing an organizational change in a company.

  1. We can then evoke the “ economic climate ” in the first place. This concerns the economic state of your company. A bad climate can then lead to a change in business. As a business leader, you may even be forced to lay off some of your employees to deal with a restructuring.
  2. Another factor you should take into account is the behavior of your customers and more specifically their requests. It should be noted that the attitude of the latter can change quickly without being expected. Remember that these changes are often caused by the advent of the internet.
  3. Note that it is impossible to show resistance to internet change . New systems keep appearing every year. We can help you get your business on the right track. The objective is to help you not to be overtaken by events.
  4. In fact, you should always monitor the actions of each new competitor that enters the market . The latter may adopt different behaviors from the market as a whole. We are ready to help you to check whether a newcomer’s methods attract more customers or not. Note that you must adapt to new techniques to scale your business.
  5. Finally, government policy is also an essential factor for the implementation of organizational change in a company. You should take steps to follow the new regulations. This allows you to maintain your company’s place in the market, especially in the face of competition.

The impact of the interim manager

A transition manager is generally appointed within a company when it finds itself in crisis. He is often considered to be a “managerial firefighter”. In any case, it is easier to understand the impact he can make in a company when we see the roles he plays.

We can then first mention the fact that an interim manager is present to manage a team. Normally, he is the one who explains the reasons as well as the modes of operation of each given strategy. We can tell you that a good manager must be able to lead the company on the right track during the crisis.

The manager you appoint must then ensure a favorable transition period for your company. He must then serenely take the major decisions for the company. Moreover, the manager must take his responsibilities according to the situation. You can count on the expertise of the temporary worker you hire for your company.

If necessary, know that Reactive Executive can always support you even if you entrust your company to an interim manager. It must be understood that the manager can have access to all the foundations of the company. This may, for example, concern the financial department as well as that of digital transformation. With his know-how, the manager will have no trouble getting your company out of a crisis.

Apart from that, an interim manager can perfectly accompany you in order to help you find a solution to your problem. You can then rely on the responsiveness and agility of the manager you choose. The latter will provide you with the right advice to relaunch your activity. We can say that the impact of an interim manager is not limited to crisis management. Indeed, he can always work by your side until the expiration of his contract in order to give you the right advice. This way, you won’t risk finding yourself on your own as soon as the company gets back on track.

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