Calling on interim management: When and why?
Publié le 13 Jan 2021

Calling on interim management: When and why?

Does your company need to call on interim management ? If you need to complete a complex project and your internal resources are unable to support it, the answer may be yes. Back to the needs of companies wishing to use interim management.

Definition of interim management

A Transition Manager is a high-level director delegated to a Client company to carry out a mission with a specific objective to be achieved.

He demonstrates cutting-edge technical expertise in his sector of activity, and proven managerial skills.

Its mission generally begins with the definition of precise and quantifiable objectives, as well as the implementation of management tools. During his mission, he will be responsible for monitoring the monitoring of these indicators and readjusting them if necessary. At the end of the project, a transition period is planned between the Delegated Manager and the teams in place.

  • When to call on an interim manager?

A company uses interim management to ensure the completion of a high-stakes project.

This may involve managing a period of crisis: setting up a departure plan, for example. But the company can also call on an Interim Manager to carry out a large-scale project aimed at improving its performance or managing its hyper-growth .

This project cannot be carried out by internal resources for various reasons: lack of time, need for advanced technical skills, difficulties for the internal teams to have a global vision and to take the necessary distance, etc.

The use of an Interim Manager then makes sense.

  • Why use interim management ?

If, originally, a company called on an interim manager to carry out a crisis management project, the spectrum of missions entrusted to them has widened considerably.

  • Interim managers are now called upon, for example, to support the company in its growth by providing training to the teams in place.
  • They can also be delegated in a company to ensure the implementation of major changes, such as the overhaul of a computer system.
  • Finally, they can ensure the transition between two permanent managements in order to ensure stability for the teams and guarantee them a referent.

What we offer and places of intervention

At Reactive Executive, we are aware that sometimes you need experienced resources in emergency conditions.

With our pool of more than ten thousand interim managers, we are able to put you in touch very quickly with a profile that meets your expectations.

Our experienced executives will quickly be able to integrate your issues.

Our premises are located in the heart of Paris, but we also rely on a strong international presence: today we operate in more than 11 countries.

But also in France:

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