Our values

Strong values for responsive interim management

We help major groups and SMEs/SMIs in France and abroad to quickly find, in accordance with the values that underpin our firm, operational and managerial resources during high-stakes periods of transition. We provide you with comprehensive support, from analysis and diagnosis, to choosing which solutions to deploy, to implementing your projects. At each step, the strong values that we espouse enable us to make all the difference.


Freedom is being able to take decisions without having to conform to the majority view or adhere to established codes.

Such freedom allows our interim managers to stay out of company politics and concentrate on what’s best for your business right from the very start.
We also view freedom as the prerequisite for innovation.


We pledge to respond to your needs within 48 hours.

As soon as you contact us, we immediately set to work to match the best candidates to your sector of business and the skill sets required for the work in hand.
Time is of the essence in situations like these, especially when it comes to taking decisions that will affect the future of your business.

However, being responsive does not mean being hasty. We also know when to step back and take perspective.

Our commitment of responsiveness is made possible by our agile organizational structure.


Reactive Executive is active, responsive and proactive.

We analyse each situation and adapt to it accordingly. In a changing society, we view agility as an indispensable quality.

The agility of our interim managers allows them to adapt to unforeseen circumstances and direct the efforts of all toward achieving a common goal. Agility enables each of us to be immediately effective at the heart of the decision-making process and turn resistance into performance drivers.


Our interim management firm espouses a philosophy of sustainable innovation. We constantly seek ways to improve existing practices and become more efficient than before.

We bring our clients a fresh set of eyes, freedom of action and expression, and the perspective needed to successfully fulfil our interim assignments.

At Reactive Executive, digital resources enhance the relationships between our team, our interim managers and our partners.