6 tips to be permanently motivated at work!
Publié le 25 Jul 2022

6 tips to be permanently motivated at work!

In many situations, getting motivated to work is not always easy. Sometimes, even with all the good will in the world, it is very difficult to get down to business. However, it is very rare that it is not necessary to work or to achieve the objectives set by oneself, the superior or by the company.

Finding motivation is therefore essential. The question is how to be motivated at work ? There are several solutions to achieve this: rewarding yourself, moving, transition management, listening to music, etc. Focus on the best solutions to motivate yourself to work.

1) Newton’s law to motivate yourself to work

Newton's laws to improve motivation at work? Reactive Executive

Newton’s law is one of the best known laws of physics. This one says, among other things, that “every body in motion tends to remain so”. What does this law have to do with motivation at work?

When a worker does nothing because he is not motivated, inevitably, his work does not progress. In order for the situation to change, the person concerned must exert/create a force which will ensure that the work progresses. Here, this force that creates the movement is the so-called “10 minutes” technique.

In essence, this technique involves focusing on one task for 10 minutes and then stopping. The objective behind this time limit is to reduce the effort required. Doing so makes it much easier to get motivated to start work .

You should know that the hardest thing is not to work, but rather to start. This difficulty becomes surmountable with the 10-minute technique.

2) Interim management

Interim management to improve your motivation at work | Reactive Executive

It is necessary to understand what transition management is to understand its link with motivation to work .

Interim management is an approach that is mainly implemented within companies. It consists of calling on a manager outside the company who specializes in a particular area. The role of this manager is to help the company achieve its objectives, particularly in the context of:

  • of a process of growth or restructuring ,
  • adding added value within the organization,
  • the realization of a major project.

The company calls on this expert in situations, or for projects, that it is not able to manage itself and alone. But it is also possible to use this strategy to improve motivation at work .

If transition management is provided by an expert in motivational approaches, the latter can:

  1. Identify the causes of the lack or even loss of employee motivation,
  2. Propose solutions,
  3. Lead and oversee the application of solutions to re-engage employees,
  4. Monitor the process and make adjustments if necessary,
  5. Suggest areas for improvement.

3) The splitting of projects

The loss of motivation often comes from the size of the project or the work to be done. One of the solutions then consists in splitting the projects . In other words, large projects must be divided into several stages, which are much easier to carry out. Depending on the scope of the project, the operation may be very complex to carry out. In this case, the best solution is to use interim management.

Dividing projects into several stages will reduce the amount of work to be done at each stage. Like the 10-minute technique, this makes it easier to motivate yourself. How to perform this split?

In practice, the operation consists of drawing up a detailed plan of the tasks to be carried out. This plan must include in particular:

  1. activities to do,
  2. The objectives to be achieved,
  3. The actors concerned,
  4. The resources to use.

4) Surround yourself with good people

Being surrounded by the right people to stay motivated at work | Reactive Executive

Motivation is a state of mind . In this sense, it can be transmitted between individuals. One of the best and easiest ways to motivate yourself to work is to surround yourself with good people.

Here, the “good people” are those who are able to demonstrate motivation and drive at work . They can also be the people who are able to help others get motivated.

You should know that these people are not necessarily direct colleagues. This may be knowledge working in another company or an expert in charge of carrying out an interim management.

5) Motivation in the reward

Reward Motivation at Work | Reactive Executive

In many living beings, receiving a reward triggers the secretion of dopamine in the body . As a reminder, dopamine, also called the “ happiness hormone ”, is responsible for the feeling of pleasure and satisfaction. This can be used to motivate yourself at work. How ?

Here, it is neither more nor less than granting yourself a reward after each accomplishment. For example, it is possible to give yourself a reward after completing a task in 10 minutes or a split step. In doing so, the brain will equate achievement with reward and, by extension, pleasure. This becomes a very effective source of motivation.

However, it should be noted that the reward must be proportional to the work done . Otherwise, there may be a drop in productivity at work. This is especially the case when a minimum of effort is enough to obtain a very large, if not the maximum, reward. Under these conditions, it is difficult to imagine that an individual would want to put in a lot of effort on his own.

You should also know that this method can be used as part of interim management to improve motivation at work.

6) Take breaks

Take breaks at work to remotivate yourself to work! Reactive Executive

Sometimes all it takes to regain your motivation to work is to give yourself a break. And contrary to popular belief, breaks are not counterproductive.

Breaks allow you to clear your mind, among other things. Thanks to this, it is easier to focus again on what is essential.

They also make it possible to take stock of a given situation, in other words: to know what has already been done and what remains to be done. This is a key step in implementing project splitting or transition management.

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